Help! I’m being Sued!

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A new article from MSFI describes one saddle fitters experience of the UK legal system after being sued following a saddle fitting dispute. 
No matter how good you are at your job it’s inevitable that one day you will have an unhappy customer. The new article from MSFI explains the processed one of our UK members experienced recently when one unhappy customer decided to sue!
Help! I’m being Sued!!
I wanted to share my recent experience in the hope that it may be of some use if you are ever taken through the small claims court. I ended up settling out of court on this occasion but I did learn some interesting lessons!
The Story
Back in the spring I was asked to fit a saddle (made to measure) for a customer and her horse. All went as it usually did, the saddle was made, fitted and all was well for a few months…. read the full article here (members only)

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