For Saddle Fitters

MSFI provide a community for saddle fitters all over the world.

Our services include providing support for newly qualified saddle fitters and arranging continuous professional development for our more experienced members.

As well as supporting our members we also take steps to improve and enhance the saddle fitting knowledge available. We do this by spearheading research projects and working closely with other equine professionals to continually advance the world of saddle fitting.

For Equine Professionals

Saddle fits plays a vital role in the overall welfare and performance of the horse which is why we invite all equine professionals to join the MSFI as professional affiliates members.


Vets, physiotherapists, farriers and instructors are becoming increasingly aware of the implications of poor saddle fit and out affiliate membership package enables these professionals to access the knowledge and resources to gain a full and up-to-date understanding of saddle fit.



  • Advance the world of saddle fitting through scientific research, evidence, education and continuous development
  • Improve equine welfare Internationally
  • Provide a support and education hub for saddle fitters
  • Educate and Inform horse owners


  • Provide horse owners with access to dedicated, high quality, knowledgeable saddle fitters
  • Provide horse owners with information and knowledge on saddle fitting
  • Provide saddle fitters with scientific evidence, research, information, education and continuous development opportunities


  • Keep equine welfare as top priority
  • Cultivate and encourage a growth mind set for our members and the equine public
  • Be open to change
  • Take an unbiased, scientific view on all saddle fitting methods questioning both old and new approaches
  • Provide support for our members